Important information for Seaside Heights taxpayers…

Some Seaside Heights residents were alarmed to see and have voiced concern about recent published reports regarding a tax increase for Central Regional School District, which educates borough students grades 7-12. Published reports were correct in saying that there will be a 3.2 cent increase per $1,000 assessed value. However, the article also said that the increase would raise the average homeowner with an assessed property value of $310,000 by a whopping $588.49. This number was unfortunately an error. The reality is that the increase to the average homeowner will be less than $100.00 according to Seaside Heights Borough Administrator John Camera. Similarly, Ms. Frances T. Little, the Seaside Heights representative to the Central Regional Board of Education reports her sources quoting an increase of $74.00. The Borough of Seaside Heights wants to reassure the taxpayers that this was an error and provide the correct information.
Seaside Heights School District has also introduced their budget numbers. The increase will be 2 cents per $1,000 of assessed value. Superintendent Michael J. Ritacco said that last year’s budget saw a zero increase, so it amounts to a penny a year.

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