Upgrades to Seaside Heights Boardwalk Public Address System

UPGRADES to the Seaside Heights Boardwalk Public Address System include cleaning of all speakers and replacement of those needed, and enclosing the main unit in a locked cabinet, with a custom built cooling fan assembly.

Upgrades to the Seaside Heights Boardwalk Public Address System: Numerous upgrades have been made to the Seaside Heights Boardwalk Public Address System for the 2008 season. The system was built in 2005. But after three seasons, all of the speakers had to be cleaned and service, and a few even replaced. Speakers at Blaine and Lincoln Avenues were replaced as well (the original poles at these locations had blown down in windstorms and have now been repaired). In the main control room at the Webster Avenue Tourist Information Center, the entire system has now been placed into a locked cabinet. This cabinet not only protects the components, but is complete with cooling fans, and louvered panels that will prevent overheating of the costly and sensitive amplifiers that control the north and south ends of the boardwalk. In mid-August 2007, the amplifier that controlled the north end, from Sherman to Hiering Avenues overheated and burned out completley. This caused inconveniences to many, and to make things worse, replacement parts weren’t immediately available. There are enormous technical challenges to overcome when building a sound system that must span the length of an entire community. There are many critical components, and all must be working together perfectly, or you’re having a bad day. Hopefully, the new improvements will make all days good in 2008.

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