Seaside Heights sees biggest snowfall of 2008…

The biggest snowfall event of 2008, amounting to about an inch of snow, hit on February 12, 2008. Here are photos from the beginning and end of the event, as well as one of Coupon King Alphonse Ulinski of Kearney Avenue “digging out”.

Seaside Heights sees “Biggest Snowfall of 2008”: The worst snowstorm of 2008 hit Seaside Heights last week. Actually, the February 12th storm will not go down as the “Big One of Lincoln’s Birthday 2008. The 1/2 to 1 inch accumulation caused only minor inconveniences. However, this is the biggest snow event so far in 2008. If we are to see a big snowfall this winter, the best chances of it happening are in February. However, both Accu-Weather and The Weather Channel are not forecasting any big snow events or severe cold for the rest of this month. Temperatures are predicted to be at or slightly just above where they are expected on average. This is about 45 degrees during the day, and about 25 degrees at night until March 1st.

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