Sixteen Candles sign makes Girtain website…

The LED artwork created for the showing of Sixteen Candles in July 2007 as part of Movies on The Beach in Seaside Heights is one of the examples of creativeness on the Girtain sign website.

Sixteen Candles sign makes Girtain website: Everything that is complicated seems to always arrive on July 5th in the Borough of Seaside Heights. For the Office of Public Relations, early July 2007 saw the launch of not one, but two systems simultaneously: the new blow-up screen for Movies on The Beach and the new red LED sign that graces the entrance of the Borough at Sumner Avenue. Both of these items required a big learning curve, and hours of study and practice with not a lot of time to do either. Although it has taken the P.R. office months to finally get the red sign’s message sequence down to a science, one of the first things ever done to it has been memorialized. Quite early, it was realized that clip art and images could be creatively added, and the very first example of this was the artwork created to promote the showing of the movie Sixteen Candles as part of the beach movie series. So impressed with this was Girtain Sign, the company that sold the sign to the Borough, that they snapped the sign with this image, and now display it prominently on their website as an example of creativity. Thanks Girtain!

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