Cool People for the TWO WEEK FEBRUARY 2008 HIATUS…

PAT SOMMELING, who is a native of Seaside Heights, has retired from her position as Personal Assistant to the Chief of Police of The Township of Toms River. On Friday January 25th, Pat’s retirement gala filled a room with a host of Ocean County dignitaries who sang her praises, like T.R. Mayor Tom Kelaher, who is shown here. ALL OF THE COOL PEOPLE THIS WEEK ARE THOSE WHO ATTENDED PAT’S RETIREMENT PARTY!!

TOMS RIVER POLICE CHIEF MASTRONARDY is one of the Chiefs Pat served in a long career in the Dover Township Police Department dating back to 1970.

HEAVY-HITTER GEORGE GILMORE, who is a relative of Pat Sommeling, was one of many prominent people who spoke at her well-attended retirement dinner.

Sheriff Bill Polhemus told colorful stories at Pat’s retirement dinner. Many people know that Pat and husband Bill Sommeling are best friends with…

The Sheriff and photogenic/well-dressed wife Agnes.

Toms River dignitaries of past and present gathered to honor Pat Sommeling.

Chief Thompson of the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department was seen at Pat Sommeling’s retirement dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Rupert, seen at the Pat Sommeling retirement event.

Jerry LaStella and Terry Farley were among those at Pat Sommeling’s retirement party.

Seaside Heights Chief Tommy Boyd(right) and Lavallette Chief Colin Grant were at the event.

Pat Sommeling is the daughter of legendary Fire Chief Dell Hopson.

Pat Sommeling is also the grandmother of Theo Tassioulas, current member of Station 44.

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