Seaside Heights to re-consider parking spot leasing…

THE LEASING OF PARKING SPOTS is under re-consideration. 2009 could see changes in how the program is administered.

Seaside Heights to re-consider parking spot leasing: The leasing of parking spots is very popular in Seaside Heights, but now the program may become a victim of its own success. With many more property owners taking advantage of the opportunity to lease a parking spot that is in front of their home or business, there are that many less parking spots available for public use. This is particularly problematic around businesses and condo projects that have bought up the entire street in some cases. This has become a very controversial issue as of late. In the very beginning of 2008, a temporary moratorium was placed on the lease of new spots, although previous leases were being renewed. At the January 16th meeting of the Seaside Heights Mayor and Council, it was decided to lift the moratorium for the rest of 2008. However, the governing body warned that the entire program will be under extensive scrutiny and review during the first few months of this year, which could lead to sweeping changes in the program beginning January 2009. Representatives from the Seaside Heights Property Owner’s Association will meet with counterparts from the Seaside Heights Business Improvement District to develop ideas on how the program can be revised to suit the needs of everyone involved.

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