Craparotta family photos…

Hemingway’s owner Marilyn Craparotta is seen with son Vinnie, Hemingway’s manager, and two of her younger children, Carmela and Marco.

Craparotta family photos: If you eat at Hemingway’s on Saturday nights, chances are you might get your picture snapped by the roaming photography staff on duty this night. Group shots are taken, and then complimentary copies are printed and delivered to dining room patrons. (Sort of like on a cruise ship, except cruise lines charge a lot of money for this type of thing.) Many persons have taken advantage of this service, and have gone home with a nice printed memory. These photos were the idea of Hemingway’s manager Vincent Craparotta III, allowing use of his private office computer, laser printer and specially-purchased photo paper for the project. Not shy of his own invention, Vinnie III was recently photographed dining with mom, Hemingway’s owner Marilyn Craparotta, Carmela, one of his two sisters, and Marco, one of his two brothers.

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