Congratulations Anita Alliston and Jackie Wohlleben

Anita Alliston (left) & Jackie Wohlleben were named full-time Seaside Heights municipal employees at the January 2008 re-organization meeting.

Congratulations Anita Alliston & Jackie Wohlleben: Congratulations are in store for two Seaside Heights municipal employees who have reached full-time status. Anita Alliston has been named full time, currently assigned to the Office of Code Enforcment, where she provides support to the four other members of the her unit. Anita started in 2006. Jackie (Murt) Wohlleben has been named full-time at the Municipal Court, where she has worked since 2003. Becoming full time is a very big step in a municipal career. Anita and Jackie will now be paid a yearly salary, increasing with negotiated annual increments, and a paid lunch hour. Both already had pension benefits as part of their previous hourly, part-time permanent status, but now they will get increased amounts of paid leave time, including personal days.  Both are also eligible for the Borough’s health insurance. Anita and Jackie are each hard-working employees, and both received much praise and recommendation from their superiors in regards to their new appointments.

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