Cool People for the Year 2007

Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey on the road to 20 years of Mayorship in 2007.

Mayor Hershey put the “H” in “H.O.T.” The winning team of Hershey, Ottoson and Tompkins had a very clever and catchy campaign name in 2007.

George Gilmore, who is Rudy Giuliani’s campaign manager in New Jersey!

Seaside Heights Councilpersons (l to r)Agnes Polhemus, Arline Ottoson, Rich Tompkins, Joyce Camera and Joann Duszczak, who gave up an hour of their Easter Sunday and Mother’s Day to give away flowers on the boardwalk.

CHIEF TOMMY BOYD, guest of honor at financier Harry Smith’s October 31st birthday festivities.

Harry Smith, financier, and son Tim.

Pete’s brothers Paul and Dave Smith and adopted family matriarch ‘Hurricane Helen’ Piccolo.

Pete’s sister Maryanne, brother-in-law Bob and large multicultural adoptive family.


Pete’s nephew Matt Smith.

Pete poses here with MISS RHIANNON ASCH, one of’s 2007 Babies of the Year.

RHIANNON’S DADDY, Mr. Scott Asch, and…

Proud mom Shannon Asch , shown with brother Stephen Omert holding baby Rhiannon. Stephen is dad to..

Cian Omert, another one of’s 2007 Babies of the Year

Stacey and Glenn Smith are proud parents of….

Baby Shane Connor, who is one of 2007 BABIES OF THE YEAR!

WORLD’S YOUNGEST GRANDMOTHER is Marsha Dionisio, with daughter Stacey, and grandson Shane.

Wayne and Iryna Cimorelli welcomed baby Braydon February 1, 2007, another one of’s 2007 Babies of the Year.

Brayden Little is another one of’s 2007 Babies of the Year.


Victor Rose with new baby Autumn, another one of’s 2007 Babies of the Year.

LAST YEAR for James Samarelli, Jr. in the baby category. James will be 3 on December 30, 2007.

NOT AN ORGANIZED CRIME BOSS…It’s Alphonse Ulinski, Coupon King of Seaside Heights.

Fran Little and Tony Vaz.

Chris Vaz.

SHPD Patrolman Kevin Shouldis.

SHPD Patrolman Rob Hanlon.

Lou Nardone.

John Sundermann, Jr. graduated the School of Visual Arts in 2007.

Max Sundermann, and grandparents…

Mr. William and Mrs. Eleanor Sundermann.

CHILD STAR Jake Sundermann and dad Big Hearted John,’s Father of The Year 2007.

Mike Carbone Jr., and dad…

Mike Carbone, who has moved the Beachcomber to a new location.


School Board Member Todd Genty won his 2nd term in 2007.

Vera (Mazzanti) Arthurs is surrounded by husband Jim(left) and Seaside Heights boardwalk businessman “Big Hearted John” Sundermann



ANYTIME FITNESS original spokesmodel, Alicia Horowitz.

AVP??? Alicia Horowitz is seen a volleyball game at Hugh J. Boyd School.

Arline Ottoson is seen with friend “Miss Cali”, Cleaning Lady to the Stars! Miss Cali’s clientele includes not just Arline, but also…

Ken Hershey, Mayor of Seaside Heights, shown with daughter Gail.


Rick Saloom, with lovely longtime lady friend Allison Berman.

Art Thomas, and Jack-Buster Smith.

Vincent Craparotta III.

Ann Stabile, with son Dave Barton, wife Crystal, and daughter, also named Crystal.

Tracy and John Barcus.

Bob and Ann Giles, loyal readers.

Sandy Groffie, and Maria Meredith.

Darren and Joan Groffie, Sandy’s son and daughter-in-law.

An excess of $40,000 was raised in January 2007 to benefit Miss Abby Korman daughter of SHPD Detective Steve Korman. Abigal has Verbal Apraxia and other developmental problems.

Theo Tassioulas, who has put aside his Santa suit in favor of this new t-shirt.

Big Hearted John, Eric and Chris opened the new location on parade day and are seen with local beauties Shannon Asch and Alicia Horowitz.

ALL HAIL ‘THE KING AND QUEEN’…Wally and Joanne LaCicero. Wally was elected Mayor of Lavallette in 2007.

Councilmen Bob Lamb (right) and Mike Stogdill of Lavallette were also elected in 2007.

Lisa Parlapiano & Anthony Vispansano.

Chris Anthony & Cara Hershey.


Carolynne VanHouten, no longer a prominent area reporter, but now working at Bristol-Myers Squib.

SHPD’s Sgt. Jon Lombardi.

Mimi Sodl.

Kathy Gottshall ,Teacher of the Year 2007 in Seaside Heights seen with Board President Fran Little and Superintendent Mike Ritacco.

READERS KNOW that Kathy is the mother of four sons: Kenton, Nolan, Brendan, and Logan.

Johnny LaStella took a seat on the Board of Education in April 2007.

COUSINS Gail Hershey & Diane Stabley.

Chief Thompson of the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department.

Captain Butch Cocci of the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department.

Delia Pratico of the Seaside Heights Business Improvement District.

Father Terry from the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, who turned 80 in 2007!

Jean Cipriani, Attorney to the Stars!

Chris and Gabriella from Anytime Fitness, what has been coined, “PETE’S CELEBRITY FIT CLUB!”

Kimberle Rolle-Samarelli is seen with personal fitness trainer Adam Salamon at Anytime Fitness.

TOP OF THEIR FIELDS..Chief Boyd of the Seaside Heights Police Department, and Wayne Cimorelli, 2007 President of the Seaside Heights Business Improvement District.

Conrad Hees.

James Samarelli, Jr., who would shove as much popcorn into Aaron Deluca’s mouth as as Aaron would allow.


John Praznic.

Rocky Patel from Babe’s and Palm Villa Deli.

Hugh J. Boyd School teacher Bobbi Vieten.

LOYAL READER HBJ teacher Eileen Carew, with daughters and grandson.

Anita Alliston and Joann Duszczak.

Dan Patterson voted BEST NEIGHBOR in 2007

DR. FRITZ McHugh, voted 2007 Vet to the Stars ,who opened up Coastal Veterinary in Seaside Heights and was elected to the Seaside Park Council in 2007.

HIGHER-UPS like Kimberle Rolle-Samarelli from the New Jersey Amusement Association, and Bobbi Steele from Ocean County Public Affairs..

Prominent local realtor Mike Loundy was the first customer at the new Palm Villa Deli.

ARLINE OTTOSON, flea-market goer.

Lou Nardone and Lindsay Jones also at the Flea Market.

Diane Stabley, flea market vendor.

Miss Heather Clark, Queen of Wolcott, Connecticut

Heather’s son Nathan Dembick, and dad Tom, and…

Lab Haley, who was rescued from Hurricane Katrina, and…

Heather’s attractive and intelligent mom, Anne Clark-Nelson.

Aaron Deluca and mom Margo.

Miriam “Squirt” Schneider.


Earl Livingston.

Jennifer Affa.

Diane Martinez and Lindsay Jones.

Rusty Deluca.

Guy Mazzanti who celebrated….

his 50th wedding anniversary in 2007.

Joe Verderosa (with sons Joseph and Gregory) from

LOYAL READERS Karen Majewski and Lynn Wonzey of Hiering Avenue.


Toby Wolf and Marilou Halverson from Jenkinson’s.

Angelo Cappetta from Carousel Arcade.

Bob Harzer from Casino Pier.

Chief Tommy Boyd and well-dressed wife Kathleen.


Eli Debs, jeweler to the stars.

Jay Aletto and Brian Cavanaugh from Coin Castle.

Brian and Lindsey Cimorelli, older children of…

Wayne Cimorelli, shown here with beautiful bride Iryna, who celebrated their first anniversary May 1s, 2007.

Maria Maruca of the Seaside Heights Business Improvement District and Lou Cirigliano manager at Casino Pier/Breakwater Beach.

Steve and Elaine Whalen with Elaine’s lovely mom, proud parents and grandmother to…

beautiful and hard-working granddaughters Patty and Kelly Whalen.

Lisa Barna from the Aztec Resort and Tiffany’s, and Jeannie Rolle, wife of Fritz Rolle.

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to prominent local businessman Tim Ryan, who became engaged to longtime lady friend Denise Putlock at the NJAA Dinner Dance, May 14, 2007!

Cookie Haring from the Seaside Heights American Legions Post #351.

Umberto Esposito, loyal Gazette reader.

Pete and Chief Tommy Boyd are seen with former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman.

Animal lover Ruth Drake is seen with Multi, a.k.a. Mr. Cutey Potato-Pie, quasi-homeless cat often seen on the lawn of the Seaside Heights Borough Hall, taken care of at night by Bill and Gloria Akers of…

Bobber’s, where Pete always recommends the Grilled Cheese, with a side of cole slaw.

Isabella Deluca, from the beach in Seaside Heights.

George McKelvey and Mark Boucher from Station 44.

Jack-Buster Smith, and Little Lu-Lu.

Pete’s oldest and favorite cat Bungee will be 18 in 2008.

Pete’s dog and all of his three cats eat, sleep and play together daily. Here are Jack, Bababooey and LuLu.


REST IN PEACE to Pete’s cat EMILY (1996-2007)

REST IN PEACE, Jesse Anderson, who passed in 2007.

REST IN PEACE The late John Broomsmith is seen in January 2007, just a few weeks before his untimely passing

REST IN PEACE Mom-Mom, Theresa Loffredo, seen in 2005 at age 94. Mrs. Loffredo, who was the grandmother of Luna Rosa owner Stephanie DeRosa invented the special recipe for her namesake, well-renowned taste treat called Mom-Mom’s Special Pie.

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