Warmest Wishes from Seaside Heights Mayor & Council…

The Seaside Heights Mayor & Council wishes everyone the most warmest wishes this holiday season.

Warmest wishes from the Seaside Heights Mayor & Council: Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey and the six Council members: William Akers, Joyce Camera, JoAnn Duszczak, Arline Ottoson, Richard Tompkins and Agnes Polhemus want to extend the warmest wishes to Borough residents, extended friends and visitors this holiday season. The governing body is proud of the beautiful decorations that are now on display along the Boulevard and on the lawn at Borough Hall. Seaside Heights had once been well renowned for its Boulevard display, but after many years, the decorations were weathered, and almost all had to be replaced. A few years back, the council members put out a mandate to the Office of Public Relations for more color on the Boulevard. For each of the last two years, $10,000 has been budgeted for the purpose of new pole decorations. Now that two years have passed, the difference along the Boulevard is dramatic with the 40 4-foot snowflakes that have 1,760 twinkling lights. The project however, is not completed. Current plans are to purchase 34 4-foot candy canes and bells for the center poles on the Boulevard that do not have snowflakes for 2008. Additionally, a top secret, over the top display is planned for next season at the entrance into the Borough at Sumner Avenue.

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