See historic Borough Hall Christmas Tree…

Seaside Heights Borough Administrator John Camera poses with the front office Borough Hall Christmas Tree, which has an interesting history.

See Historic Borough Hall Christmas Tree: The Borough Hall has a new/old Christmas Tree in 2007. Up in the attic of the Public Works building, near where the Borough decorations are stored, are an amount of boxes being stored for the Seaside Heights Board of Education. Some of the boxes are clearly Christmas Trees, and upon close examination, it was realized that one of these trees is very historic indeed. The tree that is now proudly on display in the corner of the Seaside Heights Borough Hall is the handsome tall full pine that once adorned the side of the stage at the Seaside Heights Elementary School during the namesake Hugh J. Boyd Jr. era, from 1967-1983. Mr. Boyd personally picked-out this tree and was extremely fussy in how it was maintained and presented. Many locals will remember the tree, which was displayed prominently during the various big Christmas concerts of the day. This tree was always decorated in red and white, so while on display in the Borough Hall, the tree is adorned in the same color scheme in honor of Mr. Hugh J. Boyd Jr.

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