Hemingway’s remains place to be…

PLACE-TO-BE Pete is seen at Hemingway’s with Kimberle Rolle-Samarelli, Hemingway’s manager Vincent Craparotta III, and Tom Faragalli of T & T Coast.Many holiday parties are being held at the venue, which opened in May 2007.

Hemingway’s remains place-to-be during holiday season: Hemingway’s, located at Blaine Avenue & The Boulevard in Seaside Heights, has maintained the popularity promised by its stellar business on Thanksgiving Eve. Business throughout the holiday party season has been brisk at the Art Deco-themed restaurant and nightclub. Judging by the presence of those of all ages, Hemingway’s is popular with just about everyone. During the week, Hemingway’s hosts private parties. For instance, The Ocean County Republican Organization had an affair there on Wednesday December 12th, and the Seaside Heights Business Improvement District will have its party at the popular locale on Thursday December 20th. On the weekends, many groups have either met informally at Hemingway’s for their party, or a party at an earlier locale ended up at Hemingway’s. Although Hemingway’s becomes more bustling and populated as the hours pass, it still can accommodate more and more people because of its enormous size. It has been the place-to-be and the place to be seen.

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