Station 44 reports to Structure Fire at 131 Franklin Avenue…

Station 44 members quickly extinguished this structure fire at 131 Franklin Avenue just before 8 a.m. on Sunday December 2, 2007.

Smoke from the fire at 131 Franklin Avenue could be seen for blocks.

Station 44 firefighters quickly extinguished an early morning fire at a single family home at 131 Franklin Avenue in Seaside Heights. The fire was reported at about 7:45 a.m. on the morning of Sunday December 2nd. Initially dispatched to a possible structure fire at 31 Franklin Avenue, a second dispatch was quickly updated to a fully involved structure fire at 131 Franklin. A large cloud of black smoke could be seen rising from the small yellow-sided home, and it was visible for blocks. Our cameras arrived just as the firefighters had knocked down the flames that had been coming out of every window in the front of the house. Because of the home’s very small size, the entire structure sustained severe damage. Firefighters had to cut into the roof to exhaust smoke from the interior of the structure. Commanding the scene was SHFD Chief James Samarelli, and leading fireground was 1st Assistant Chief Billy Rumbolo. Also responding to the scene was the Point Pleasant Beach FAST team, which often responds to calls in Seaside Heights. After the fire was extinguished, representatives from the Ocean County Fire Marshal’s Office investigated the scene. This is the second time Station 44 has been to this property in 2007. In September, the SHFD reported to a problem with the home’s gas meter. The home was said to have been occupied by a group of Mexican immigrant tenants. 3 of the occupants of the home were treated for burns. 2 were treated on scene, and one went to the hospital. Luckily, the eastern side of 131 Franklin consists of a vacant lot, and a neighboring house on its west side was not threatened. This is a far different story then the last big structure fire Station 44 fought in late October at 113 Carteret. In that case, flames licked at an adjacent structure, one of the buildings of the complex of the new Oceana Villa luxury condos, and completely melted the siding of that building.

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