See Al Poane’s latest creation…

Al Poane, artist of local renown, is shown with one of his latest creations, a 13-year old sign, now refurbished for use in 2007.

See Al’s latest creation: About 13 years ago according to estimates, local artist Al Poane made a sign for the Borough Hall lawn, wishing holiday greetings from the Seaside Heights Mayor and Council. This sign was used for years, and was stored in the attic at the Public Works Department. Although the sign was in great shape physically, the paint job was badly scratched, and the design dated. So it was decided that this sign would be recycled, and repainted. Al prepared the surface and returned the paint job to its original luster. Now, instead of painted letters, the design in made of cut vinyl, allowing more flexibility in design and color. Everyone involved is very proud of the sign, which is now displayed on the lawn at Borough Hall. In addition to this project, Al was also involved in a top secret, over the top lawn display project this year, which will be unveiled at the December 3rd tree lighting. Although we cannot give exact details this week, expect to see this latest treasure in next week’s edition.

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