Thanks Bob and Mike…

Seaside Heights Borough Electricians Bob Baran (on truck) and Michael Rumbolo (at pole) are responsible for providing the electric that operates the many seasonal light displays around town.

If you’ve driven down the Boulevard in Seaside Heights during the last week, you probably noticed the 40, 4-foot twinkling snowflakes that stretch from the length of the Borough, from Porter to Hiering Avenues. Our loyal readers know that these snowflakes did not just appear here, but are part of a long, planned-out process involving many, now in its second growing season. The final process before showtime on Thanksgiving Eve is electrification, an all day job in itself. Credit for this part of the job goes to Borough electricians Bob Baran and Michael Rumbolo, who had to move things around in their hectic schedules to ensure the planned Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving launch of the display happened. Earlier this year, Bob and Michael were involved in the project of providing an electric service suitable for the snowflakes on the poles between Kearney and Hiering Avenues, where they had not existed before. This was a big job, and an integral part of the expansion of the snowflakes to the north-end of town.

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