Seaside Heights Preschoolers learn about Thanksgiving…

Mrs. Miriam Schneider is seen reading the Thanksgiving story Stone Soup to Hugh J. Boyd preschoolers.

Mrs. Kathy Ruprect and Mrs. Helen Byrnes are seen, ready to serve the special meal, which was made by ingredients provided by the class, just like the first Thanksgiving.

Hugh J. School Elementary School teachers Kathy Ruprecht and Miriam Schneider helped their preschool students learn about Thanksgiving traditions in a very imaginative way this year. Over the past few weeks, the students have slowly learned about Thanksgiving customs and history. In homage to the first Thanksgiving, each brought to school an ingredient for a special meal they would all share. This meal was cooked by the teachers, and Paraprofessional Helen Byrnes on the day before Thanksgiving break. The meal was the simple, yet tried and true Chicken Pot Pie recipe from the back of the Bisquick box. While Mrs. Schneider read the Thanksgiving story Stone Soup to the students, Mrs. Ruprecht and Mrs. Byrnes made final preparations to serve the meal to students and parents that had come along that day.

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