Greetings from Atlantic City Airport

Mrs. Marion Mazzola of the Seaside Italian American Club is seen at the Atlantic City airport, taking the popular daily Spirit flight to Tampa.

Florida is on the mind of many this time of year. Once the cold weather sets-in, “snowbirds” head for the Sunshine State in droves. One part-time snowbird is Pete, who readers know travels south one weekend per month during the months of October-February for what he describes as “medicinal” purposes. Always flying from Atlantic City to Tampa via Spirit Airlines, Pete often sees people he knows from Seaside Heights at the airport also taking the popular route. Most recently, Pete has seen Mrs. Marion Mazzola, member of the Seaside Italian American Club. On different occasions, Pete has met-up with others as well. These include: Mrs. Joanne Loundy of Surf Liquors, Rick Barrett, known for the many years he once worked at the Bamboo Bar, and Barbara and Kristi Fagen, mother and sister of Kerry Findlow, second grade teacher at the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School.

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