Snowflake Factory…

Ramon Cruz, Billy Jablonski and Michael Ehrenkranz from the Seaside Heights Public Works ready the electronic snowfall display, which uses 1,584 C7 Christmas lights.

The 36 snowflakes readied to go up on the poles.

Seaside Heights Snowflake Factory: 1,584 light bulbs. That is the amount of light bulbs that are used for the electronic snowflake pattern on the Boulevard in Seaside Heights. In 2006, 24 snowflakes were placed along the route from Dupont to Sherman Avenues. In 2007, 12 new snowflakes have been placed along the northern part of the Boulevard from Kearney to Hiering Avenues. (The streets from the north side of Sheridan to the south side of Kearney that do not have matching sets of black poles on both sides of the streets will get wreaths. This area has yet to be completed in the New Orleans-style to match the remainder of the Boulevard). All 24 of the first wave of snowflakes had to be checked, and any burned out bulbs or blown fuses had to be replaced. Each of the 12 new snowflakes had to have about 30 of its 44 bulbs removed, and replaced with special twinkling bulbs that create the unique visual effect. 24 man hours went into the maintenance of the snowflakes. Those involved in the bulb maintenance job: Public Relations chief Pete Smith, along with Ramon Cruz, Billy Jablonski and Michael Ehrenkranz from the SSH Public Works. The snowflakes have already been put in place along the Boulevard by Jim Andren from the DPW, assisted by others, like Henry Brag. The electronic snowfall will be lit in time for Thanksgiving or just shortly thereafter says the Department of Public Works.

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