Happy 21st Birthday Jeffrey Camera, Entrepreneur…

Seaside Heights Entrepreneur Jeffrey Camera, who celebrated his 21st birthday November 8, 2007, is seen inside his new business Seaside Laundry.

Happy 21st Birthday Jeffrey Camera, Entrepreneur: Jeffrey Camera, son of Seaside Heights Borough Administrator John Camera and grandson of Councilwoman Joyce Camera, turned 21 on November 8, 2007. Although this story coincides with his birthday, the original intention of the piece was to bring attention to Jeffrey’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor, Seaside Laundry. During this past summer, Jeffrey overtook operation of the long-established Loundy family laundromat (Formerly called Cindy’s Suds) located between Dupont and Porter Avenues along the Boulevard in Seaside Heights. Jeffrey is actually an experienced businessman, having operated the various beach umbrella stands along the beaches in Seaside Heights for the past few summers. When he took over the laundromat, Jeffrey added an unusual laundromat service: internet. Several computers are set-up, and 25 cents will give you three minutes of internet connection. Jeffrey says that this service was very popular this summer, especially with the foreign students who arrive en masse each year to work in the local industries.

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