Seaside Heights first graders meet the Mayor!

Mayor Hershey is seen with Borough Administrator John Camera, Borough Clerk Diane Stabley, and some of the members of the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School Early Childhood Education staff. The Mayor met with the first graders on Wednesday October 3rd as part of their unit on government.

It was a very exciting day for Seaside Heights first graders on Wednesday October 3rd. This day, the classes of Mrs. Lori Beers and Mrs. Jean Gillon came to Borough Hall to meet Mayor Ken Hershey. Also present was floating Early Childhood Education teacher Mrs. Miriam Schneider, and also paraprofessional, Mrs. Dot Montgomery. The students took a walk to Borough Hall to speak to the Mayor as part of their social studies curriculum, which includes a unit about government. The children asked the Mayor many probing questions, including whether or not he liked being the Mayor. Mr. Hershey said that he likes it most times, but occasionally he encounters unhappy people who like to yell at him. In his usual tradition, the mayor gave all the students a giant Hershey bar, his longtime calling card.

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