John and Phyllis Camera wedding…

NEWLYWEDS Mr. and Mrs. John Camera are seen underneath a special fireworks display John had arranged as a surprise to his bride.

Call them Mr. and Mrs. John Camera now. Seaside Heights Borough Administrator John Camera wed his longtime lady friend Phyllis Katsikis on the sunny and warm afternoon of Saturday September 29, 2007. The ceremony and reception were held in Point Pleasant Beach. Before the 2 p.m. ceremony, the wedding party and immediate family and friends gathered at the beautiful Loundy family home at 312 Atlantic Avenue for a pre-wedding brunch. During this time, professional photographers captured the bride, groom, the wedding party, and family group shots. Just before 2 p.m., the wedding party began the journey down to the beach at Broadway Avenue, to the Jenkinson’s Inlet location. Here, groom John had earlier this week constructed a white gazebo especially for the ceremony. Chairs were placed on the beach in two sections, forming a center aisle where the gorgeous bride was walked down on the arm of both her parents. Once joined at the Gazebo, services began. Included were personal readings of meaningful passages and well-wishes. There was even song, as John’s daughter Jillian, and niece Tina performed a special duet. Officiating at the ceremony was Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey. (Interestingly, Mayor Hershey has now married not only the Seaside Heights Borough Administrator, but also the Borough Clerk Diane Stabley in 2005.) Using microphones so everyone could hear, John and Phyllis took their vows and were pronounced man and wife in front of the large crowd of guests. Directly after the services, a six-hour reception began at the big oceanfront room at Jenkinson’s Pavilion. Guests enjoyed plenty of food, drink, music and dancing. As a special surprise to his bride, groom John had arranged for a fireworks display at 7 p.m. Guests enjoyed the display, and John and Phyllis were photographed as the fireworks were seen overhead. When the reception was over, many guests commented on what a fantastic wedding it had been, and John and Phyllis were all smiles. John and Phyllis plan on sharing their happy day with everyone. A special video was produced of the wedding, and it will soon be published on the popular website,

John and Phyllis Camera seen under sunny skies and warm breezes inside a specially-built Gazebo on the Jenkinson’s Inlet beach in Point Pleasant Beach.

The large, extended Camera family welcomes its latest addition, Phyllis.

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