Clownfest documentary being made by student filmmakers…

Documentary filmmaker Matt Weber is seen during Clownfest 2007.

A special student documentary was filmed during Clownfest 2007. The film is the creation of brothers Matt and Mark Weber. Matt actually works in the financial industry in New York City, while Mark is a film student at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. Matt and Mark followed the moves of Clownfest organizer Vince Pagliano, a.k.a. Vappo The Clown throughout the clown convention. During the clown parade on Sunday September 16th, Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey was interviewed for the documentary. The students filmmakers gained interest in filming the Mayor for the documentary after seeing some vintage television footage of him during the Clownfest 2001, which was widely publicized at the time. As seen in this old footage, recently preserved to digital format, the usually lighthearted and fun event had an underlying serious tone that year. A last minute theme change was made at this pivotal point in American and world history. The tidal wave of Americana that was sweeping the nation at the time suddenly became the focus of that Clownfest, just days after the September 11th terrorist attacks. In the television interviews of 2001, Seaside Heights officials kept an attitude of “the show must go on” while respecting and remembering the immense national tragedy.

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