New face for Mom-Mom’s Special Pie…

Catherine Giordano, who is seen with grandson Carmine DeRosa III, is taking over for her mother as the new face of Mom-Mom’s Special Pie, well-known house specialty at Luna Rosa Trattoria/Concetta’s in Seaside Heights.

The original Mom-Mom, Theresa Loffredo, seen in 2005 at age 94, is now retired. Mrs. Loffredo, who is the grandmother of Luna Rosa owner Stephanie DeRosa invented the special recipe for her namesake, well-renowned taste treat called Mom-Mom’s Special Pie.

A new face will now represent Mom-Mom’s Special Pie, the well-renowned house specialty at Luna Rosa Trattoria/Concetta’s Pizzeria in Seaside Heights. Catherine Giordano will take over responsibility for the title from her mother and recipe inventor, Mrs. Theresa Loffredo, who is retiring as the face of her namesake delicious square wonder. The role of Mom-Mom involves personal appearances as good-will ambassador at the restaurant, something the original Mom-Mom did enthusiastically until health concerns sidelined her earlier this year. Catherine made her debut appearance in her new role at the 2007 Seafood Festival. Theresa is the grandmother, and Catherine is the mother of Luna Rosa owner Stephanie DeRosa. Like her mother, Catherine is also known as Mom-Mom to her grandchildren, the sons of Stephanie and husband Carmine DeRosa: Carmine III, Nick, and Anthony. Like his great-grandmother, Anthony DeRosa is also the inventor a Luna Rosa/Concetta specialty. At a very young age, Anthony invented Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza, which now sits on the menu next to Mom-Mom’s Special Pie.

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