Station 44 reports to D.W.I accident in Ortley Beach…

Police and firefighters were dispatched to this recent DWI accident in Ortley Beach on the afternoon of Thursday August 30th.

One of the drivers was taken into custody after failing preliminary field sobriety tests.

A high-profile motor vehicle accident led to an arrest for DWI on the afternoon of Thursday August 30th. Toms River Police, as well as firefighters from Seaside Heights and Ocean Beach responded to the call of an overturned vehicle possibly requiring extrication. Because this accident had happened on Eisenhower Avenue, just behind the bustling A & P Shopping Center, a crowd of spectators quickly gathered. One minivan was flipped over at the scene and this is the vehicle that required emergency assistance to free the driver. It was reported by witnesses that perhaps the other vehicle had also overturned, but had ended up on its tires. The driver of this second vehicle, a black Jeep Cherokee that appeared to be freshly off the showroom floor, was questioned by police for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. The suspect was made to walk in a straight line, and to follow the beam of an officer’s pen flashlight as part of field sobriety tests. After appearing to fail these tests, handcuffs were placed around the suspect’s wrists, and he was unceremoniously placed into the back of an awaiting Toms River squad car for suspicion of DWI. The driver of the minivan was placed into a neck brace, and was taken away to the hospital by an ambulance. Within an hour of the call, the cars were cleared from the road, and the intersection at Eisenhower Avenue, a frequent site for motor vehicle crashes, was re-opened to traffic.

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