Dr. Fritz moves practice to Seaside Heights…

Dr. Fritz McHugh is seen at his new veterinary practice where lovely newlywed wife Amy is the friendly receptionist.

Recently, Dr. Fritz McHugh opened the first-ever veterinary practice in Seaside Heights, Coastal Veterinary. Dr. Fritz’s office is located on Route 35 South and the 400-block of Hiering Avenue across from Commerce Bank. Working alongside Dr. Fritz at his new practice is lovely newlywed wife Amy. The McHugh’s met at Veterinary school, where Amy was the pharmacist. Pet owners in Seaside Heights are glad that Dr. Fritz, who formerly was a “mobile” vet making housecalls, has set-up practice here. This includes this pet owner, who trusts no other vet. I want to take this time to publicly thank Dr. Fritz for his help this past Spring. Readers might remember that during this time, my beloved cat Emily died from lymphoma. Even though Emily was terminal, with Dr. Fritz’ intervention and treatment, Emily was able to live a few more quality weeks until the end came.

One Response to “Dr. Fritz moves practice to Seaside Heights…”

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