Hospital visit for Alfonse, Coupon King…

DON’T WORRY friends of Alfonse “Coupon King” Ulinski saved for him his beloved coupons from the newspaper during his recent 13-day hospital stay.

Thirteen days. That’s the unlucky number of days that Alfonse “Coupon King” Ulinski of Kearney Avenue spent in the hospital this August. After several surgeries, Alfonse is now back at home doing his favorite hobby: couponing. Alfonse cuts out more coupons than anyone you know, and always knows when triple coupon time comes. Alfonse often comes home with bags of name-brand items he didn’t pay a cent for, and in fact the store actually owed HIM money at check-out time. During his stay in the hospital, Alfonse’s main concern was that he might be missing some good coupons in the paper during this time. However, friends saved them for him so he would not miss out on any good deals, which included deodorant, shaving cream and peanut butter those weeks. All of Alfonse’s many friends and neighbors are glad to see him back at home.

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