Hurricane Helen, “Hippie” no more…

img_6802.jpg hippie-girl.gif
HIPPIE NO MORE ‘Hurricane Helen’ Piccolo is seen with her new armoire, one of her new post-Hurricane Wilma purchases. Helen says that now that she is settled, she no longer feels like a nomadic “hippie”.

Loyal readers certainly know “Hurricane Helen” Piccolo, who was made homeless in October 2005 when Hurricane Wilma destroyed her then-Florida home with her inside. After the hurricane, Helen took her dog and pocketbook and headed straight to her hometown of Seaside Heights, leaving all possessions behind and starting over from scratch. Since then, Helen has lived in a number of rented places, liking none of them until she found a suitable place on Grant Avenue. Now that Helen has been settled for six months in one place, she has decided to make some purchases to replace things destroyed by Wilma. Helen has recently purchased: a dining room table, an armoire, two chest of drawers, and a new air conditioner. Now Helen has plans to lay some new carpet in her place, and purchase two new end tables. Helen says she is glad she is settled now, not living like a “hippie”, as she says.

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