Pro Wrestling to return 8/16…

IN THIS CORNER: Johnny LaStella with The Patriot (left) and The Iron Sheik , and…

IN THIS CORNER huge fan Big Hearted John Sundermann appears with the Wrestling superstars.

Loyal readers know that Professional Wrestling events have been taking place in Seaside Heights all summer at the Quonset Hut of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church. In July, superstar King Kong Bundy appeared in Seaside Heights, and in early August, superstars The Iron Sheik and The Patriot appeared in Seaside Heights as well. (In fact, earlier on the day of the event, The Iron Sheik appeared on satellite radio, plugging Seaside Heights on The Howard Stern Show. )On August 16th, the final show of the summer will be held at the same location, 7 p.m. The superstar on the 15th will be Tito Santana All of the wrestling personalities in town have appeared on the boardwalk on the afternoon of the events, and the same will be true of Santana. Part of the proceeds of these events benefit Station 44, The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Department.

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