Pete now appearing on Comcast Channel 19 five nights a week…

Joe Verderosa (left) and Gary Serino of Ocean County Business TV are seen at a recent on-location shoot.
Beginning August 2007, Pete will have approximately four minutes a month promoting Seaside Heights on air as part of a televised show, Ocean County Business TV. The new program has recently debuted on Comcast Channel 19, Leased Access. (The show will air in places like Toms River and Berkeley Township, but ironically, it is not available in Seaside Heights, which is served by Cablevision, not Comcast) Ocean County Business TV is the creation of Joe Verderosa of Bayville, the owner of Greenrose Media. The new Ocean County Business TV is a new format for the former Greenrose TV program that aired in the same time slot for the last three years. Joe says of his new program, “The show highlights a lot of great stuff business-wise in Ocean County. We have a slogan, ‘If you have a business in Ocean County, you can be on Ocean County Business TV.’ ” Each month, a new version of the show will air in the following time slots: Sunday, Monday & Tuesday 6:30 p.m, Friday and Saturday at 6:00 p.m. August’s topics include: Seaside Heights Free Movies on the Beach, Al & Mark Leiter Family Appreciation Day in Berkeley, The Bacchus School of Wine, Huddy Park and highlights on local restaurants. For more information, contact Greenrose Media at or call 732-606-0678.

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