Cole Brothers Circus Coming August 13th and 14th…



One of the most anticipated events of the summer will be coming to Ocean County this upcoming week. The crimson and gold tent of the traveling Cole Brothers Circus will be at Lakewood Blueclaws stadium August 10th, 11th, & 12th, and then in Seaside Heights, in the big free parking lot off the causeway that joins Routes 37 & 35 on August 13th & 14th. The giant tent of the Cole Brothers Circus measures 136 feet wide by 231 feet long. Inside are four bleacher seat wagons that accommodate 960 patrons, as well as multi-level VIP and reserved chairs that seat 1,924. On the morning of opening day, the circus has a tent-raising that is open free to the public. This year’s event opens with Thunderdrome: The Moto-Globe of Death, which are motorcycles that circle each other inside a large glass globe of steel. (This daredevil spectacular is said to be worth the price of admission alone.) Also featured this year: Jessica Kramer, elephant rider, as well as the Abuhadbas’ assortment of energentic poodles. General Admission tickets are $12.oo, Reserved seating tickets are $15.oo. VIP seating tickets are $17.00. Discount coupons for the events have been distributed around the county. For the circus to be able to come to a location, they require minimum dimensions of 300 X 450 feet for placement of the Big Top, seating, animals, semis, RVs, and other equipment. The location also must have adequate parking. An online video preview of of the 2007 Cole Brothers Circus can be found at


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