Seaside Heights featured in “Sicko”….

sicko.jpg     captainhooks2.jpg

For a second time, Seaside Heights has been featured in a documentary by controversial and political filmmaker Michael Moore. In 2002, Shoot The Geek, at Dupont Avenue and The Boardwalk was featured in the Moore film Bowling For Columbine. Now in 2007, Captain Hook’s Bar at Kearney Avenue & The Boulevard has been featured in the new Moore film, Sicko, which is currently in theaters nationwide. Sicko is a criticism of the United States for-profit healthcare system, and compares the U.S. to places with Socialized Medicine, such as Canada, France, and even Cuba. Part of the film deals with the the plight of the volunteer workers at the World Trade Center site that have suffered severe health problems in the ensuing time, and also sometimes find themselves without health care. Readers may remember the benefit for Joe Piccurro of Toms River that was held at Captain Hook’s on February 24th. Mr. Piccurro had been an iron worker that had reported to the pile of the collapsed WTC to cut through debris to free the bodies of dead police, firefighters, and civilians. Since that time, Mr. Piccurro has developed chronic bronchitis, and leukemia, and has had to endure a slew of red tape to get Worker’s Compensation benefits. According to Captain Hook’s management, Moore himself was not at the bar, but his cameras were present during the Piccurro benefit, filming the footage that appeared in Sicko.

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