Seaside Heights featured in New Yorker magazine…


Popular cartoonist Roz Chast has featured Seaside Heights in a cartoon that has appeared in the magazine The New Yorker. (Special thanks to our friend Carolynne VanHouten, who sent us the clipping.) In the cartoon, Chast depicts 5 miles of beach (although Seaside Heights is less than 1 mile long) and cleverly divides it into ten humorous sections:

  1. Family Fight Beach
  2. Ultra Hairy Man Beach
  3. Drinking and Smoking Beach.
  4. Nitwit trying to get some work done Beach
  5. Shell and Beach Glass fanatic Beach
  6. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Beach
  7. Tan to a crisp Beach
  8. Look you can see all my parts Beach
  9. Hot screaming baby Beach
  10. Depressed poet Beach

The Seaside Heights Office of Public Relations responded to the cartoon by saying, “Even though these types of cross sections of human nature could really exist on any beach, some do certainly seem to describe parts of ours. However, some do not. Although we are pleased that Seaside Heights beach got this widespread recognition in this high-profile magazine and find the cartoon quite humorous, the fact is that we do not have a “drinking” beach. Alcohol is forbidden on our beach except during very special events, and this rule is strictly enforced.”

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