Water Safety Day held….

Tents are seen set-up at the annual Seaside Heights & Ocean County Water Safety Day, which was Wednesday July 18th.

Roden Lightbody (center) , who is the organizer of Ocean County Water Safety Day, is seen at event, Wednesday July 18th.

Despite having to end two hours early, Ocean County Water Safety Day was otherwise held as planned on Wednesday July 18, 2007 . The event was held at Hiering Avenue and The Boardwalk in Seaside Heights. Water Safety Day is a combined effort of many groups, including The Ocean County Office of Traffic & Engineering, The Ocean County Security and Health Departments, The Seaside Heights Office of Public Relations and others. All year long, plans are made for the annual event, which highlights Water Safety, but also encompasses other types of summer safety including bike safety, the use of sunscreen and others. Experts were on hand from 7 a.m. to inspect passing bicycles. Safety items such as tire pressure, brakes, and the condition and maintenance of the chain were examined. The Ocean County Health Department was on hand to remind passersby of important summer safety measures, such as drinking enough water and using sunscreen. To protect skin from the dangers of overexposure to the sun, experts recommend the use of sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, depending on skin type. Members of the SCUBA team of Station 44, The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Department were seen on the beach, displaying their equipment. Due to a pop-up thunderstorm, Water Safety Day 2007 came to an abrupt end before the big hit of midday passersby were to have arrived. Hopefully Water Safety Day 2008 will bring better weather for this important and informative day.

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