Pete’s Celebrity Fit Club Two Month Update…


Pete is seen pointing to the results of his recent body fat analyis after two months at Anytime Fitness, and…

is proud to announce that his body fat percentage is 17.7 percent IN THE IDEAL RANGE!

TOUGH PERSONAL TRAINER ADAM SALAMON is seen with his body fat testing equipment at the Anytime Fitness Center in Ortley Beach.

Loyal readers know that Pete joined up at the Anytime Fitness in Ortley Beach on May 19th, and has served as its spokesperson and blogger in the ensuing time. Recently, cameras were on hand for Pete’s official two month weigh-in and body fat analysis. Now we are proud to report that Pete’s efforts have resulted not only in a 14 pound weight loss, but also in a body fat reduction to just 17.7 percent. This percentage puts Pete over the border from the “fair” column to the “ideal” column. With a total overall weight loss goal of 30 pounds of fat, Pete is just about half way there. This achievement was not without hard efforts. To achieve this goal, Pete consulted with many trainers at Anytime Fitness, including owner, Dr. Chris Capo, and trainers Chuck Danfield, Gabriella Dvorszakova and Adam Salamon. Pete’s routine includes weight lifting and abdominal exercises at least 3 times a week, as well as a specialized cardiovascular routine a minimum of five times a week. This activity is done at an 80% heart rate, burning 100 calories every five minutes while speed walking on an inclined treadmill. (Pete record calorie burn is 1,080 calories in 51 minutes.) Additionally, Pete is very fond of the Anytime Fitness speciality, a very delicious, very good for you drink, the 280-calorie Peanut Butter Peel, which is a mixture of banana protein powder, ice, natural peanut butter, and other ingredients.

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