The Greatest Show on Earth???


Harry Smith is seen under the enormous blow-up screen that is used for Free Movies on The Beach.

After much planning, the new system that plays the Free Movies on the Beach in Seaside Heights is now in place. Plans for the new set-up began early in 2007, when the screen was ordered from New Jersey Partyworks in South Amboy. The screen was gotten at a very good price, as both the Borough of Seaside Heights and NJ Partyworks are members of the New Jersey Amusement Association, and a special discount was applied. Next, a special projector had to be ordered that would fit the screen, which is 20 x 30 feet. Lastly, a special sound system called a Fender Passport was purchased. This portable p.a. has a 1,500 person capacity. Once all the components were placed together and the first movie began on the evening of July 12th, moviegoers voiced their approval, saying that the look is very professional. 15 total movies are planned on the beach at Hiering Avenue.

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