Mardi Gras to return to Seaside Heights Fall 2007…


If you’ve walked along the Boardwalk in Seaside Heights lately, you may have noticed the new banners that are announcing that Mardi Gras will return to the Borough in the Fall of 2007. A September Mardi Gras was a long time tradition in Seaside Heights for many years, but unfortunately went away some time back. But now the popular Mardi Gras will return. Of course the real Mardi Gras is in February or March of each year, but its too cold here for a celebration. So our Seaside Heights Mardi Gras has always been during the balmy month of September. The Mardi Gras celebration will begin on Friday September 7th with the typical party atmosphere of the various businesses along the Boulevard. Saturday September 8th will feature a parade at 4 p.m. on the Boardwalk, and then a fireworks display at night. On Sunday the 9th, the fun will continue, with the annual Seafood Festival and the Antique Car Show, which has existed for years on this weekend.

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