An Elevator Ride to the top….

Grand Opening party for new Blaine/Ocean Terrace Condos: A grand opening party was held on the morning of June 24, 2007 at the new condo complex that is under construction at Blaine Avenue and Ocean Terrace. Seaside Heights Mayor P. Kenneth Hershey cut the ribbon for the new complex, which has been in the planning stages since 2004. Each of the condos is high-end, with professional appliances, and marble countertops. Unique to this new group of condos is the fact that each of the tall units has its own residential elevator. Pete and assistant Caitlin rode up and down in one of these elevators, and they very cool indeed. The June 29th talky blog has video footage from our elevator ride.

Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey is surrounded by Councilwomen Arline Ottoson, Agnes Polhemus, and Joyce Camera at the recent grand opening party of the new condos at Blaine Avenue and Ocean Terrace.

Seaside Heights Councilwoman Agnes Polhemus is seen with SHPD Chief Tommy Boyd at the grand opening of the Blaine/Ocean Terrace condos.

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