Seaside Heights: A Civil Union Las Vegas?


Many wedding ceremonies have taken place along the beach and boardwalk in Seaside Heights, and many times, Reverend Eleanor Caputo has officiated. But now that the New Jersey civil union law has gone into effect, these are being seen as well. The latest such event was the ceremony for Seaside Heights residents Barbara A. Mueller and Sherri Lautier, which happened on the afternoon of Saturday June 16, 2007. Reverend Eleanor met the couple on the boardwalk at Hiering Avenue, and friends and family surrounded the happy couple, who have been together for 14 years. (Anyone can go up to the boardwalk with their intended, a minister, and witnesses to have their ceremony like Barbara and Sherri, but anything more than that would require a special event permit and a certificate of insurance). Barbara and Sherri are not the first couple from Seaside Heights to be joined in a civil union, although they are the first believed to have had their ceremony here. Devon and Kelly Baker of Seaside Heights had their ceremony shortly after the law was enacted last February, but the ceremony was not in town. With such a high profile event, some are now wondering if Seaside Heights won’t soon be known as a “Vegas” for civil unions!


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