Seaside Heights night at Blueclaw’s…

Pete and Anthony Maruca are seen about to throw out the first balls of Seaside Heights Night 2007 at BlueClaws stadium. Anthony is an expert pitcher, but Pete is not.

June 14th was Seaside Heights night at Blueclaw’s stadium, and once again, Pete had to throw out the first ball of the game, representing the Borough. Loyal readers know Pete is far from talented when it comes to baseball. Making it even more embarrassing than usual this year, Pete got to share duties with Anthony Maruca, who was representing the Seaside Heights Business Improvement District. Anthony is a star little league pitcher, and easily showed-up Pete’s pathetic pitching ability. Friends from Seaside Heights filled the stands. Many were also present at the special area behind third base, which was reserved for members of the New Jersey Amusement Association.

Here’s a slideshow from Seaside Heights Night 2007 at Blueclaws Stadium…

One Response to “Seaside Heights night at Blueclaw’s…”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Hey Anthony Maruca is wearing my art! I designed that sweatshirt for Alecs soccer team the Phoenix a few years ago….. PS love the Talky Blogs!

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