Pete’s new “talky” blogs…

As part of Pete’s job at the Office of Public Relations in the Borough of Seaside Heights, he has begun a series of “talky” blogs for the main Borough website, which is “Talky” blogs are very popular on other websites, and now Seaside Heights will have the latest in internet pop culture. For those unfamiliar with the term, “talky” blogs are regular blog (web log) topics that include a short video clip. Viewers can watch and then comment on the blog post. This new format will appear on the aforementioned website this week, when the new WordPress blog is built, just like the one that was built for But as a sneak preview, loyal viewers get a sneak peek at these new “talky” blogs, which are posted below:

Here is the first “talky blog”…

Here is the second “talky blog”…

Here is the third “talky blog”…

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