Emily…Out, Out Brief Candle…

Pete’s late cat EMILY (1996-2007) This photo was taken in 2004.

As loyal readers know, Pete’s beloved cat Emily passed on last month. This event was mentioned, but Emily’s passing was not given the attention it deserved due to the transitions in the website at that time. Emily was a great cat that I adopted as a tiny, tiny kitten in 1996, and was known affectionately as Em, Emmy and Emanooch. Emily was actually a twin, as I had her litter-mate Boomer also for most of their lives. (Boomer was with me until March 2006, and loyal readers will remember that she escaped in the confusion during the move to my current apartment and has been missing in action ever since.) Emily was the fattest and most out-going cat I ever had. She was in good health up until late this past winter. Around the time of my February Florida vacation, Emily started to lose a vast amount of weight for no explicable reason. In mid-April, she really took a dive, and loyal readers may remember that I had Dr. Fritz the mobile vet in to treat Emily. Although Emily did temporarily spring back, we suspected cancer. Right before Memorial Day weekend, Emily took a rapid turn for the worse, and Dr. Fritz was called once again. But on the morning of the appointment, I found poor Emily dead under my chair. Emily is now buried in a very special place, and we are coping at my apartment. My surviving cats, Bungee, 17, Bababooey, 10, and Little Lu-Lu, 2 1/2 have all been affected. Also, Jack, my six-year old Jack Russell Terrier, who is not aware that he is not also a cat, misses Emily as well. Each of my pets has been affected differently by the death of longtime friend and playmate Emily. Bungee, who looked after Emily and Boomer like a mother when they were kittens, is very old and senile but still senses the loss. Little Lu-Lu is the youngest and was the least friendly with Emily. Rather than grief, Lu-Lu’s personality has changed, and the formerly timid feline is far more assertive due to the new pecking order. Jack is aware of the missing Emily, and looks for her when I say her name. But Bababooey, who was Emily’s best, best friend, seems most broken-hearted and extra-clingy with me since the recent unpleasantness. Although Emmy lived a happy and eventful life with plenty of good food and comfort, her lifetime was far too short in my eyes.

This photo of Emily, which was taken inadvertently in early 2007, is Emily’s last photo in health.


Andrew…Missing in action since 1999.

Zara….Missing in action since 2001.

Little Kitty…Missing in action since 2005.

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