popartpete.com 2.0 HUGE SUCCESS!!!

The new popartpete.com 2.0 received a whopping 750 hits and overwhelming praise in its first week in syndication!


The new popartpete.com 2.0 has been extremely well-received, and had an astounding 750 hits, and overwhelming praise in its first week published. This is a record amount of traffic in one week for this website in its 3 1/2 year history. We’ve had viewership from right here in Seaside Heights, and internationally in places as far off as Australia (G’day Billy Collins!).

Now that we’ve gotten through the first week, we promise to continue to improve our new format, and to bring our readers all the cool Seaside Heights stories they have come to expect on a weekly basis.

CHECK YOUR WEB BROWSER to see if you can bookmark this blog on your taskbar as a live bookmark. (I did it on my computer, I use Firefox, and suggest that everyone of the readers does too.) Then all you have to do is click on it to see all the current stories, and if any updates have been made. VERY COOL!

Happy reading, and remember to LEAVE COMMENTS, as that is the purpose of an interactive blog.

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