WELCOME TO popartpete.com VERSION 2.0!

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WELCOME TO PETE’S NEW BLOG!This new blog is the beginning of the new, long-awaited popartpete.com 2.0. I want to remind loyal readers and viewers that this new format is still experimental, and it may take a few weeks time before all the kinks are ironed out completely. From this point forward, the news magazine stories you have come to expect will each appear as a separate topic in this blog. The content will be the same, but the presentation and reader participation will be different. Now, instead of just looking at the photos, readers will have the opportunity to respond with comments, which itself is an exciting new proposition. Another big difference is that the website will no longer have to be published just once a week. Now, I can add and publish topics anytime, so there will undoubtedly be more content. (I will continue with our tradition of sending a Sunday e-mail, so readers can catch up with the blogs from the past week.) I am so glad to be free of the hell of the static html page, the publishing format of the original website, which was time-consuming, not very user-friendly and just plain drove me crazy week after week for years. So I hope readers enjoy the new format. Like I said before, if it sucks, we can always go back to the old format at any time!


  1. Remember that each story is its own individual entity as a blog post. You can click on the title of each of the posts to bring up a new webpage with just that story. Here you are provided with a text box to add comments.
  2. You can also add comments by clicking on the underlined link at the bottom of the post that says either “no comments” or lists the number of previous comments. Clicking here will bring you to the area to post comments.
  3. Occasionally readers will have to open up additional web windows in popartpete.com 2.0, taking you away from the blog’s main page. In case you get lost, you can always return to the blog’s main page by clicking on the pink lettering atop that reads, “popartpete.com 2.0 ANYTIME SEASIDE HEIGHTS NEWS MAGAZINE AND BLOG”. Additionally, there is a default button on the main left side links of the website, to easily access the Blog Main Page.

One Response to “WELCOME TO popartpete.com VERSION 2.0!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

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