Tropical Depression Barry makes a beeline to Seaside Heights…

The National Hurricane Center expects Tropical Depression Barry to pass right over or near our area by Sunday evening June 3, 2007 bringing heavy rain and some brisk wind.

The first day of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season was June 1st. And just in time for the arrival of the dreaded season came a storm that has directly impacted Seaside Heights. Tropical Storm Barry spun up in the eastern portion of the Gulf of Mexico on June 1st, and hit near Tampa, Florida as a minimal tropical storm on June 2nd. Barry was soon downgraded to a tropical depression then just a remnant tropical rainstorm. The rains began to head north. Much of this rain was welcomed in parts of Florida and Georgia, who have been under a severe drought, and have suffered extensive wildfires in the past weeks. Beginning around noon Sunday June 3rd, Barry’s rains have been covering our area, although the center of the extratropical low was still in North Carolina. The center of low is fairly powerful, and has winds near 45 miles per hour. The center of the circulation should pass near our area by Monday. Rains from Barry could continue into Monday. Pete has been in contact with Tetiana Anderson from The Weather Channel, and is on-call if she should need live reports or photos from Seaside Heights during the storm’s passage. If you need info regarding Barry, or any other weather topic relating to Seaside Heights, look no further to the right of this page, where you will always find links to the Accu-Weather and The Weather Channel websites, which bring local conditions and forecasts for our area.

Here is a slideshow relating to the potential passage of Tropical Depression Barry…

And here’s a video from Pete’s Channel on, which features the Hurricane Hunter aircraft and dignitaries from the National Hurricane Center….

Barry as it passes the Jersey Shore, Monday June 4, 2007.

MONDAY UPDATE…Extratropical Storm Barry passed to our right during the early morning hours of Monday June 4th. Satellite photos are dramatic, and Barry was dramatic. Rains were very heavy overnight, and Atlantic City reported a record rainfall of 3.96 inches of rain, according to The Weather Channel. The rains were somewhat beneficial, for instance the 69 newly planted shade trees on Central Avenue in Seaside Heights certainly needed a good rain. But the timing of the rain was poor, coming on the first Sunday of June. The rains and cloudiness associated with Barry came on what otherwise would have been a beautiful beach day, just like Saturday was. Experts predict an extremely active Hurricane season in 2007, with 17 named storms, 9 hurricanes, and 5 major hurricanes. (2 storms, Andrea and Barry have already formed in the Atlantic in 2007) According to the Dr. William Gray and Phil Klotzbach from Colorado State University, conditions that bring hurricanes are this year are being compared to those of 2003 and 1995, which brought large amounts of storms including Isabel which affected our area in ’03, and also the dreaded1954, which saw three hurricanes: Carol, Edna and Hazel, bring hurricane conditions to our area. Colorado State says that there is a 74% chance that one of the major storms that develops this year will hit the U.S. East Coast . But even if the 2007 Hurricane season brings us not another drop of rain or gust of wind, its first week has already inflicted monetary losses to the all-important Ocean County tourism economy.

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