‘Survivor Stephenie’ Lagrossa hottest new bartender at the Bamboo Bar…

BEAUTIFUL AND TOUGH Survivor star Stephenie Lagrossa is seen at her new job as a bartender at the Bamboo Bar in Seaside Heights.

Readers already know that Pete’s friend Stephenie Lagrossa, whom he has known since she was a very little girl summering on Grant Avenue in Seaside Heights, has been on the CBS reality shows Survivor:Palau and Survivor:Guatemala. Readers also know that Stephenie was in the final two in Guatemala, and also that Pete was extremely aggravated when she was cheated of the top spot and the million dollars when her obviously jealous fellow contestants voted for the other girl to spite Stephenie. Now Stephenie is putting her Survivor skills to good use in Seaside Heights, as the newest and hottest bartender at the Bamboo Bar. Pete was recently seen at Stephenie’s bar, where she appeared at home among the many tropical decorations.

Here is a slideshow of Pete’s recent visit to ‘Survivor Stephenie’ Lagrossa’s bar at the Bamboo in Seaside Heights…

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