Station 44 has two prominent water rescues ahead of Memorial Day Weekend…

aaron52607.jpg mikerumbolo72706-2.jpg
Aaron Deluca and Michael Rumbolo of Station 44, The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Department were both recently involved in high profile water rescues in the days preceding the Memorial Day Weekend holiday.

Loyal readers know Aaron Deluca, who is often featured on our pages, and is well renowned as a good-deed doer. During Aaron’s birthday celebration with friends, which was held Thursday May 24th, Station 44 pagers went off reporting two overturned canoes and troubled boaters off of the bayfront at Eisenhower Avenue in Ortley Beach. Aaron headed to the call with Asst. Chief Billy Rumbolo, and they were among the first to arrive. In an act of birthday week heroics, Aaron jumped into the waters of the Barnegat Bay, which are just barely 60 degrees this time of year, and with the help of a Toms River Police Officer, they were able to bring all parties to safety. Aaron quickly got changed back into dry clothes and was soon back to his party, which was marking his 26th birthday, which was May 20th. While at the party, Aaron was interviewed by Keith Ruscitti, who is a reporter for The Ocean County Observer. Aaron’s picture and story were featured the next day, the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. This is a fitting coincidence, as Aaron is an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard, and this was at a time to honor military heroes.

Loyal readers also know the name of Michael Rumbolo, who is one of our Seaside Heights Borough Electricians and a member of Station 44. Michael is also credited with a high profile water rescue on Friday May 25th. Several swimmers were reported to be in distress near Hamilton Avenue and the ocean. Luckily, Michael was close by, and was able to jump into the water and rescue one of the group that was in trouble.

Here is a slideshow of the photos relating to the recent Station 44 Water Rescues….

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