New Rain Garden at Hugh J. Boyd, Jr. Elementary School…


STUDENTS, TEACHERS AND BOARD MEMBERS ALIKE contributed to this new rain garden, which is among the many recent additions to the lawn at the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School in Seaside Heights.

Much hard work has been done at the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School recently, as a new rain garden has made its appearance alongside the newly dedicated Harry M. Smith III Early Childhood Center. The rain garden was the vision of Board of Education member Lynette Lurig, who wrote a grant for the project through the Ocean County Soil Conservation District, but the whole project began from an initial grant from Project Learning Tree/Greenworks’. Hugh J. Boyd School is a very important school environmentally, as it is the closest school in the area to the Barnegat Bay, built right up to its shores. According to the OCSCD, ” A rain garden is a specially designed landscape that absorbs rainwater using native plants that act as natural sponges. Rain gardens reduce the need for for maintenance, provide improved stormwater infiltration and enhance wildlife habitat. They also become outdoor classrooms with cross-curricular opportunities for students to participate in hands-on monitoring, observing, and nuturing of on-site projects.” Also, another group that should be thanked is the Forest Resource Education Center in Jackson Township for its help with the project.

Here is a slideshow with photos relating to the recent planting of the rain garden and other projects planted along the lawn at the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School in Seaside Heights….

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